Company LOGO
Derived from the image of Chinese seal, it integrates Yin with Yang into one union and attaches importance to the traditional culture and modern civilization.
It expresses the company’s firmness in the direction of sustainable development in the future and explains the exploration to the existence value and the true meaning of life.

Our core value
To achieve sustainable value responsibly .Responsibility means our respects and efforts to the society and environmental sustainable development; Responsibility  means we cooperate friendly with partner to achieve the common value; Responsibility means that the company  takes  care of  employees and creates a benign environment for the growth of the team;Responsibility  means that every employee’s selfless dedication to  the community, enterprise, family and team。

Our vision:
   Serve the society, perfect the life

Our cultural source
The foundation of we move forward is Chinese traditional culture- the Buddhism and Taoism.

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