Company Profile

NGREEN has Grade A architectural design certification, Grade B urban planning, Grade B civil air defence and is committed to design consulting and planning, research project, planning and design,  architectural design, interior design, landscape design and taking overall responsibility for constructional engineering.

NGREEN serves the society with high-quality planning and design, architectural design, interior design and landscape design.

NGREEN respects history, culture and environment and rejects the irresponsible so-called innovation.

NGREEN practices the present expression and explores the contemporary value of the design through culture, art, technology and other multifaceted composite researches.

NGREEN adheres to the professional path of Chinese architects and planners, learn from domestic and foreign advanced counterparts and learn nutrition and grow from it.

NGREEN and clients are in the same boat to realize the own value of the project and contribute for project area or city.

NGREEN emphasizes on the open interaction of the design service, attaches importance to the in-depth exchange with clients, ensures all requirements and wishes of clients are realized and realizes the perfect design in the collision of ideas and the solution of problems.

NGREEN sets a number of nodes of design management to ensure the full intervention and communication of proprietors at each node.

NGREEN advocates the interior cooperative interaction. Excellent design comes through team work and indispensable and mutual support.

NGREEN adheres to the technological development path and sees the technology as the social value of the existence of enterprise.

NGREEN appreciates the constant trust and full support from society, cooperative partners and counterparts.

NGREEN will continue to exert all our efforts to provide excellent professional service for society.

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